The “lessee” is obligated to pay in addition to the agreed lease charges, the following amounts:

  • a) the daily fixed compensation of use for all the term of the lease of the Vehicle,
  • b) the “Re-fueling Charges”, if at the end of the lease he/she does not deliver the Vehicle to the “lessor” with the same quantity of fuel it had upon its delivery to the “lessee”,
  • c) taxes, dues and other expenses in connection with the lease of the Vehicle,
  • d) expenses of the “lessor” including legal fees and interest for late payment of any amounts of this lease or for recovering the possession and use of the Vehicle from the “lessee”,
  • e) monetary fines, penalties, court and other expenses which were imposed or will be imposed on the “lessor” due to offences committed during the use of the vehicle by the “lessee”.

In the event of the latter, the “lessee” or the additional driver mentioned on the front hereof will continue to be liable for any illegal acts, f) the additional charge for the delivery or acceptance of the vehicle, as well as its return at a different location to that defined on the front hereof without the written consent of the “lessor”

The “lessee” agrees and accepts that:

  • 1. Discounts that may be offered are not valid if the issued receipt is not paid in time,
  • 2) all charges are subject to a final audit.