The “lessee” is obligated to use the vehicle with diligence, maintain it in a good condition, check the condition of its engine, its oil and water levels, its tires, etc..

Any repair to the vehicle by the “lessee” or a third party is forbidden without the prior approval of the “lessor”. The vehicle is not permitted to go outside of Greece or to be loaded on a train or ship or other transportation means without the prior written consent of the “lessor”.

The vehicle is not permitted to be used:

  • a) for the transportation of persons or things in return for payment,
  • b) to tow or drag vehicles or other items,
  • c) in order to participate or follow races,
  • d) as a sublease to third parties,
  • e) for purposes which infringe provisions of Greek legislation,
  • f) if the “lessee” or the additional driver of the vehicle are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance which effects the driver’s ability to drive and his/her senses,
  • g) to infringe customs, traffic or other regulations,
  • h) by any third party, excluding the “lessee” and any additional driver, for which the “lessee” has accepted the daily fee charge for additional drivers,
  • i) to transport or transfer heavy luggage, flammables, filthy or malodorous items, drugs, etc.,
  • j) for the illegal transport of Greek or alien persons or for the performance of illegal acts.