Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions please feel free to check out our FAQ below or if you can’t find what you are looking for, we are always happy to help through email or our call center!

Frequently Asked Questions2024-04-19T11:05:01+02:00

Reservation Requirements

What is the minimum age for renting a car?2024-02-28T13:29:44+02:00

The minimum age for renting a vehicle with us is 25 years old, with at least 3 years of driving experience. However, there might be specific age requirements for certain vehicle types. Please check with our team for more details.

How much is the security deposit of the vehicles?2024-02-28T13:28:50+02:00

The security deposit amount varies depending on the vehicle type. Generally, our security deposit ranges from €2000 to €4000. This deposit is fully refundable upon the safe return of the vehicle.

What documents do I need to drive any of your vehicles?2024-02-28T13:28:29+02:00

To drive our vehicles, you will need to present a valid driver’s license, a major credit card in the driver’s name for payment and deposit purposes, and a form of identification such as a passport or government-issued ID.

Additionally, international renters may be required to present an international driver’s permit along with their valid driver’s license

Which driving licenses are accepted?2024-02-28T13:27:38+02:00

We accept valid driver’s licenses issued by government authorities. This includes local, national, and international licenses, as long as they are in English or accompanied by a certified English translation. Please ensure that your driver’s license is valid and not expired

Which cards are accepted?2024-02-28T13:27:04+02:00

We accept major credit cards for payment and security deposit purposes. This includes but is not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Please note that prepaid cards or cash payments are generally not accepted for security deposits. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about payment options or card acceptance.


What is the best way to make a reservation?2024-02-28T13:26:20+02:00

The easiest and most convenient way to make a reservation is through our website booking portal. You can also make a reservation by contacting our customer service team directly via phone or email

Can I modify or cancel my reservation?2024-02-28T13:24:39+02:00

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation. We understand that plans can change. You can easily modify or cancel your reservation by contacting our customer service team. Please note that modification or cancellation policies may vary depending on factors such as rental duration and vehicle availability

Is there a charge if I cancel my reservation?2024-02-28T13:24:03+02:00

The cancellation policy varies depending on the timing of your cancellation and the type of reservation you made. Generally, if you cancel your reservation within a certain timeframe before the pickup date, there may be no charge. However, cancellations made closer to the pickup date or within a specific window may incur charges.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of your reservation for details on cancellation fees.

Can someone else make the reservation for me, using their card?2024-02-28T13:23:30+02:00

Yes, someone else can make a reservation for you using their credit card. However, please ensure that the primary driver, as specified in the reservation, presents a valid driver’s license and credit card in their name at the time of vehicle pickup

If I return the car earlier than scheduled, am I entitled to a refund?2024-02-28T13:23:04+02:00

If you return the car earlier than scheduled, you are not entitled to a refund

If I delay the return of the car will there be an extra charge?2024-02-28T13:22:41+02:00

If you delay the return of the car beyond the scheduled drop-off time, additional charges will occure.

What is the fuel policy? Are there refueling charges?2024-02-28T13:22:15+02:00

Our standard fuel policy requires renters to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as it had at the time of pickup. Failure to do so may result in refueling charges, where we will charge for the missing fuel as well as a refuelling service fee.


Insurance and Coverage

Do I need to buy insurance coverage?2024-02-28T13:21:41+02:00

While Collision Damage Waiver insurance is always included in our rental rates, we highly recommend considering additional coverage options for added peace of mind. Optional insurance packages are available to provide extra protection against unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, theft, or damage to the vehicle.

Additional accident insurance and reduction of exemption2024-04-02T10:05:58+02:00

We offer additional accident insurance options and waiver packages to reduce your financial responsibility in case of an accident. These packages vary include the option to lower the excess/deductible amount. Below are the requirements for each vehicle:

  • Mercedes C-Class/ Skoda Superb/ Volkswagen Passat – Touran / Citroen C4: €1,500.00

€70/ per day in addition, the exemption amount is reduced to €800.00

  • BMW 420/ Mercedes C-Class Convertible/ Mercedes Vito

€70/ per day in addition, the exemption amount is reduced to €800.00

  • Mercedes E-Class/ Mercedes V-Class/ Porsche Carrera/ Porsche Boxster/ Porsche Taycan/ SUV: €3,000.00

€70/ per day in addition, the exemption amount is reduced to €800.00

  • Mercedes S-Class/ Range Rover VOGUE €4,000

€70/ per day in addition, the exemption amount is reduced to €900.00

**Your card will be charged for the rental car deposit amount as stated above. In the event of an accident and if the payment for the reduction of the accident exemption has been selected and arranged, the lessee is responsible for the corresponding amount only.



Delivery & Collection of the vehicles

Where is the rental car pick up location?2024-01-29T11:36:37+02:00
What are the hours of operation for pick up – drop off?2024-02-28T13:20:53+02:00

We can deliver and collect your vehicle at your most convenient time around the clock.

Can I return the vehicle to a different location?2024-02-28T13:20:28+02:00

Yes, we offer the option to return the vehicle to a different location. Please notify us in advance if you wish to drop off the vehicle at a different location to make necessary arrangements.

Accidents & Emergencies

What should I do in case of an accident?2024-02-28T13:18:52+02:00

In case of an accident, prioritize safety and promptly report the incident to the authorities, European Union (EU) emergency phone number: 112. Additionally you are required to report the accident in our insurance company (INTERAMERICAN) in this number: +30 210 9462 478 and to our customer service team +30 210 9956 086. Collect relevant information such as the other party’s details, witness statements, and photos of the scene. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps and assist with any required documentation.

Is there an emergency phone number for after-hours support?2024-02-28T13:18:18+02:00

Yes, we provide an emergency phone number for after-hours support. This number: +30 693 6778 450, is available 24/7 for assistance with emergencies, roadside assistance, or any urgent inquiries

Will the car be replaced in case of a technical problem or an accident?2024-02-28T13:17:45+02:00

In the event of a technical problem or accident rendering the vehicle un-driveable, we will strive to replace the car promptly, subject to availability. Our priority is to ensure your safety and minimize any inconvenience caused.

What should I do in case of an incident?2024-02-28T14:41:03+02:00

In the event of an incident with the vehicle prioritize safety and contact the 24/7 road assistance in this number: +30 210 9462 478 (INTERAMERICAN). Additionally, reach out to our customer service team in this number +30 210 9956 086 and report the incident.

Vehicle options

Can I choose a specific car model?2024-02-28T13:13:38+02:00

Yes you can, we strive to accommodate your preferences and we are of the few companies that offer this option

Can I travel with the vehicle outside of Greece?2024-02-28T13:12:14+02:00

Travel outside of Greece is strictly prohibited.

Can I drive the cars off-road?2024-02-28T13:06:59+02:00

Driving the vehicles off-road is strictly prohibited

Is smoking allowed inside the vehicles2024-02-28T14:44:20+02:00

No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside our rental vehicles. We maintain a strict no-smoking policy to ensure the comfort and safety of all our customers. Violating this policy may result in cleaning fees and penalties

Premium Chauffeur Services

Are there personalized meet and greet services?2024-04-02T15:49:37+02:00

Upon your arrival at airports or other designated public areas, our team will extend a warm welcome with a hand-held sign. Additionally, arrangements can be made for meetups at your hotel or any preferred location.

Can I request tailored services to suit specific preferences?2024-04-02T15:51:50+02:00

Certainly, we cater to customized requests; however, we kindly ask for ample advance notice to curate personalized itineraries, arrange motor-coach services, and fulfill other special requirements.

How quickly can chauffeur services be reserved?2024-04-19T10:54:32+02:00

We strive to accommodate most chauffeur reservation requests with a minimum of 12 hours’ notice. To secure the service, full pre-payment is required, and credit card details will be retained for any incidental charges, such as additional time or mileage.

Are there fees associated with altering or canceling reservations?2024-04-02T16:01:37+02:00

You may freely amend your itinerary or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time without incurring any charges.

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