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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Rent a Car is a luxury car rental and private transport company in Greece with a rich fleet of new cars in many categories such as Luxury Sedans, Sports Car, SUV, Minivan & Limousine Services.

Reservation Requirements

What is the minimum age for renting a car?2024-01-29T11:23:44+02:00
How much is the security deposit of the vehicles?2024-01-29T11:24:02+02:00
What documents do I need to drive any of your vehicles?2024-01-29T11:24:21+02:00
What driving licenses are accepted? (International drivers license)2024-01-29T11:25:26+02:00
What cards are accepted?2024-01-29T11:25:45+02:00


How to I make a reservation?2024-01-29T11:26:29+02:00
Can I modify or cancel my reservation?2024-01-29T11:26:47+02:00
Is there a charge if I cancel my reservation?2024-01-29T11:27:10+02:00
Can someone else make the reservation for me, using their card?2024-01-29T11:28:05+02:00
If I return the car earlier than scheduled, am I entitled to a refund?2024-01-29T11:28:37+02:00
If I delay the return of the car will there be an extra charge?2024-01-29T11:29:03+02:00
What is the fuel policy, and are there refueling charges?2024-01-29T11:29:23+02:00

Insurance and Coverage

Do I need to buy insurance coverage?2024-01-29T11:29:58+02:00
Additional accident insurance and reduction of exemption2024-01-29T11:30:31+02:00

Delivery & Collection of the vehicles

Where is the rental car pick up location?2024-01-29T11:36:37+02:00
What are the hours of operation for pick up – drop off?2024-01-29T11:37:06+02:00
Can I return the vehicle to a different location?2024-01-29T11:37:29+02:00

Accidents & Emergencies

What should I do in case of an accident?2024-01-29T11:38:54+02:00
Is there an emergency phone number for after-hours support?2024-01-29T11:39:35+02:00
Will the car be replaced in case of a technical problem or an accident?2024-01-29T11:40:37+02:00

Vehicle options

Can I choose a specific car model?2024-01-29T11:41:45+02:00
Can I travel with the vehicle outside of Greece?2024-01-29T11:42:12+02:00
Can I drive the cars off-road?2024-02-27T11:11:21+02:00


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