The “lessee” is obligated to compensate the “lessor”, as well as any third party in the event of theft, loss or damage of the Vehicle or third parties (including the passengers) and pay any incidental or consequential damages suffered by the “lessor”.

More specifically, the “lessee” is liable:

  • 1.) for damages that he/she has caused to the vehicle or to third parties, if he/she has breached the terms of use of the vehicle or has driven it in a way which is illegal or contrary to the provisions of the Road Traffic Code,
  • 2.) for total theft or loss of the Vehicle up to the liability-guarantee amount stated on the front page hereof. It is explicitly agreed that theft or loss of auto parts or/and equipment (partial theft) of the Vehicle is not covered,
  • 3.) for any damages to the Vehicle as a result of collision or fire, irrespective of liability, up to the liability-guarantee amount.

The following damages are not covered which are caused:

  • 1. to the bottom part of the Vehicle,
  • 2. to the tires and wheels of the Vehicle,
  • 3. to all the glass parts,
  • 4. to the interior of the Vehicle,
  • 5. during the loading, unloading or transit of the vehicle in ships or trains or other transportation means without the prior written consent of the Lessor.