SUV Rental Athens, Greece to the Must-See Locations

Escape to the most beautiful mountain villages in Greece with an SUV rental; the most ideal option for a safe and comfortable journey to the unspoiled nature of Greece.
In addition to the wonderful beaches and islands, our country also has many beautiful mountains and “secret” locations that are worth visiting with a powerful SUV. Built on mountain tops and drowned in the green, these hospitable and traditional villages can satisfy even the most mountain lovers!

Due to high demand, we have created an SUV self-drive tour for 8 days which includes the must-see mountain villages as well as a wide range of SUV options for you to choose, best known for their rugged capabilities, full extras, decent dynamic ability, space, desirability, suitable tires and plenty of four-wheel drive capability. All these make an SUV rental in Greece the most appropriate solution for your stay.

Proposed 8-day tour in combination with an SUV hire and worry not as we will take care of the rest.

Day 1: Athens – Meteora – Pertouli Village
Start early in the morning and have the first stop at Meteora enjoying a unique and magnificent scenery of ageless monasteries, containing priceless historical and religious treasures, standing between Earth and Sky atop huge rocks. Continue your journey towards Petrouli, this scenic drive is looking like it could be a mini holiday itself! Pertouli is located at an altitude of 1,200m. It is one of the most beautiful and popular mountain and tourist centers of the prefecture of Trikala together with Elati, attracting many visitors since you will find cozy hotels and stone-built guesthouses, taverns, cafes and a ski resort. Enjoy the drive with your SUV with lots of photo stops and spend your night in the area.

Day 2: Metsovo – Tzoumerka / Kalarrytes Village – Ioannina – Papigo
Continue your self-drive road trip towards Metsovo, a wonderful traditional stone village. Spend a couple of hours there and stroll in the market where you can purchase hand-made traditional products.
Our experienced team will provide you with very helpful insights for the country roads which you’ll be driving through. Nevertheless, the navigation system of the SUV that you have rent from our company, includes all the destinations and routes that you should visit.
Next stop is the area of Tzoumerka as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus. Explore Kalarrytes, a mountainous settlement located on the western slopes of the Pindos mountain range of the Prefecture of Ioannina in Epirus. We recommend spending the night there in a traditional guest house or you can stay overnight at the city of Ioannina. Both places are worth spending a night.

Day 3: Ioannina – Papigo
Have a stop at the city of Ioannina to visit the “Island of Ali Pasha’ and explore the castle of Ioannina or walk around the lake. Driving along central Greece, you will reach Papigo which has been described as a traditional settlement and gathers thousands of travelers each year. Megalo Papigo is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, 60 km from Ioannina, and will impress you with its impeccable architecture. Cobblestoned streets, mansions, beautiful fountains, old churches based on traditional Zagorian architecture makes this village a unique, off the path destination. In orde to get to Megalo Papigo you have to cross Aristi and the “railings” the winding road with 14 sharp turns. But worry not as all of our SUVs are best known for their rugged capabilities. The proper maintance of the vehicles as well as the fact that they are eqqiped with all the necessary amenities, make the SUV rental in Greece the only solution. Overnight in Papigo.

Day 4: Explore the village of Zagorochoria
The villages of Zagorochoria is a complex of 46 mountainous picturesque villages on the northeastern part of Greece famous for their natural beauty. Visit Tsepelovo, Kipoi, Monodenri and walk the famous Vradeto steps, get a good look of the Voidomatis River and hike to the Beloi viewpoint for panoramic photos of the Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorge in the world! Overnight in Papigo

Day 5: Discover the cosmopolitan Village of Arachova
Leave Papigo to reach the village of Arachova. The well-publicized village of Arachova attracts everyone’s attention with its traditional architecture, magnificent views and the varied options for entertainment and food against the backdrop of the-usually snow-covered- Parnassos. Arachova has picturesque narrow cobblestoned streets and give the feeling of walking into tradition. You will definitely enjoy the traditional architecture. Do not leave Arachova, if you do not see the Clock, the Bridge and spend a couple of hours to visit Delphi, the center of the world. Overnight in Arachova

Day 6: Towards Mount Mainalo in Peloponnese.
Continue your journey to Peloponnese through the most lively and tourist-developed Mount of Mainalo. Driving with your comfortable SUV through the magnificent gorge of Vouraiko, you will first reach at the first traditional village of Kalavryta. Explore kalavryta and go ahead to visit the “Cave of Lakes” at the foot of Mt Chelmos. A rare creation of Nature. Small and large lakes, 13 in total, with different colors each one. Finally enjoy your lunch at “Planetero area” full of trees and natural springs! As you leave behind the region of Kalavryrta, on your way to Dimitsana Village, you will make a short stop to admire the so called “Vine Tree of Pausanias” the oldest vine of the world, dating over 3.000 years ago. Reaching in Dimitsana, you will be speechless as you will witness the uncreatable stone streets of the village, where the houses are dominated by local black marble. Around the square you will find good taverns to eat, cafes-bars and shops with wood carvings and local products (mainly cheese and pasta). Overnight in Dimitsana

Day 7: Explore the villages of Mt. Mainalo
One of the most traditional narrow streets among the tree lines. Strategically located, Vytina village combines easy access to the ski resort, but also to the villages of Mainalo and Gortynia, such as Stemnitsa, and Lagkadia. That’s the beauty of not committing, with this self-drive tour with a spacious SUV rental. It is difficult to imagine from just a map how exciting this place is. Do not miss the chance to taste ‘tsipouro” and a suprising wide variety of pies such as cheese and spinach pies. Overnight in Dimitsana

Day 8: Return to Athens via Nafplio, marveling at Classical or Hellenistic scenic
Reaching the end of your SUV rental in Greece and at the end of your drive towards Nafplio, you will pass by Elliniko village in order to visit the “Pyramid” which is definitely worth a stop. It’s the only pyramid in Greece. It dates to the Classical or Hellenistic period. Then you will have a short break at Nafplio where you can wander in the narrow streets of the old town. Afterwards, follow the road to Epidaurus and on your way there you will have the opportunity to take photos of the Mycenaean oldest bridge of the world of the Mycenaean dynasty. On your way to Athens through the coast line, you should visit the monastery of “Panagia Agnoudos” built on the temple of Apollon! Our wonderful self-driving tour end in Athens where our representative will collect the vehicle from your most convenient point.