SUV Rental for Road Trip Itineraries

It is no secret that Greek islands are well-known all over the world and are highly preferred for holidays. However, Greece is not only the islands and this country can offer. If you are looking to escape with alternative holidays you can choose a self-drive tour with a large SUV rental to explore the hidden beauties of Peloponnese with multiple options of golden sandy beaches, clear blue waters and rich vegetation, castles and so many more archaeological sites!

An ideal option for your off-the-path trip would be an SUV rental such as a Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover or the Mercedes G; full with extras, dynamic but at the same time comfortable drive, space, desirability, suitable tires, plenty of four-wheel capabilities make the above SUV the perfect solution to handle very well and road-hug the country road.
After all, SUV are best known for their rugged capabilities, therefore we strongly suggest renting an SUV for your adventure tour all over Greece, stress-free as for this trip size matters for your safety!

Sedan vs SUV rental
We strongly advise you to rent an SUV for alternative and adventure tour package in Greece instead of a sedan car.
SUVs are more powerful, comfortable and shaped in ways that will make a difficult terrain very smooth.

Discover the beauties of Mani with an SUV rental as nothing better mixes handling capability, off-road pleasure and an SUV-flavour sense of luxury and functional plushness. Test drive a large SUV like a Range Rover or a Porsche Cayenne and experience a true driving pleasure.
Spacious cabin, purposeful handling and large boot, make this a car well-suited for a self-driving adventure tour in Greece.

Drive your SUV down south until you reach Gerolimena, an alluring little coastal village of wild natural beauty protected by cape Cavo Grosso. Taste fresh fish by the seashore and enjoy the quiet and fascinating sea view.

Vatheia Village
On your way towards Tainaro you will encounter a little village called Vatheia where little towers emerge from the palms of a hillside. These forts were initially built in the 18th and 19th century. Travel back to the past by wandering in settlements’ alleys.
Enjoy Marmari and Porto Kagio where superb sandy beaches with clear waters offer you an excellent place to play during the warmest months of the year!

Tainaro Cape
Explore the southernmost point of mainland Greece with an SUV rental such as a Range Rover, where Ancient Greeks marked the area as a passage to the underworld. Close your eyes and let the myth-laden scenery exert its power on you! Rent an SUV in Greece and make an early start to give yourself the whole day.