SUV rental Greece for Swimming Safari Tour Peloponnese

SUV rental Greece for Swimming Safari Tour Peloponnese

If you are looking for an alternative Greek escape, have in mind that Greece is not only the islands! We have created a wonderful self-driving tour with a spacious SUV rental in Peloponnese that offer a combination of golden sandy beaches, clear blue waters and rich vegetation!

An ideal way to spend your holidays with privacy and rent an SUV, take advantage of the country’s beautiful scenery to reach the most beautiful beaches around the coastline of Peloponnesian peninsula quickly and effortless. SUVs are best known for their numerous capabilities, that’s why we suggest you to proceed with an SUV rental for highway driving as well as country road experience! Rent an SUV upon your arrival in Greece and explore some of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever witness!

For the most ultimate Self Drive Holidays Greece, we suggest the following program:

Lake Vouliagmenis (Heraion) – Corinth
This lake, located near Corinth, features a very special phenomenon; sea water which is renewed by the tide every six hours. The water level changes and so, simultaneously on one side there is absolute calm, on the opposite side there is a ripple. There you can enjoy your swim before entering your brand new SUV to visit the archaeological site of Heraion. Heraion consists of two parts, dedicated to Hera Akraia and Hera Limenia respectively. The worship of the goddess began in the Geometric period, around 800 BC. The first arched temple was built in her honour. Later, other temples, altars, buildings and the market were added. The Corinthians from the opposite shore went there twice a year and honoured the goddess with ceremonies and tributes.

Kalogria beach in Achaia
The beach of “Kalogria” is one of the most famous beaches in Achaia. It is a large beach with clear waters and sandy beach where in combination with the forest of Strofilia it is an idyllic place.

Tropical” beach of Kakovatos
One of the largest and most beautiful beaches in northwestern Peloponnese. It is sandy, with golden sand, has a wonderful and wild natural beauty while the wooded vegetation above gives a tropical character.

Kaiafa beach
A wonderful beach with plenty of white sand and sand lilies to adorn it. Just off the beach you will find the thermal baths. Drive your full size SUV that you rented by our luxury car rental company in Greece and enjoy your dinner with great local flavours.

Yalova beach
Yalova beach at Messenia has golden yellow sand and crystal clear waters. It is an organized beach, with umbrella sunbeds and the possibility of renting a wind surf and canoe. Stay until the afternoon to enjoy the unique sunset.

Voidokilia – the smile-shaped beach at Messenia
It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and is famous mainly for its round shape reminiscent of a smile. It is located north of Pylos, on the Ionian coast and is adjacent to the Gialova lagoon from which it is separated by a strip of sand dunes. The beach and the wider area has been characterised as a place of special natural beauty and is part of the Natura 2000 Network. At the southern end of Voidokilia is the cape Koryfasio, where the ruins of the classical city of Pylos were located.

Explore the Castles of Monemvasia
Unveil a medieval mystery! Monemvasiá, founded by the Byzantines in the sixth century, is a breathtaking medieval tower town located on the south-eastern coast of the Peloponnese, also known as the Gibraltar of the East. You definitely have the most suitable car as an SUV rental is ideal for this type of your and our company will assist you in any way possible to explore this mystical stone-built settlement, nestled at the edge of a big rock by the sea, and immerse yourself in a unique medieval atmosphere!

Next, drive with your SUV from Monemvasia to “Geraki region” as this country road is truly amazing. Here you need an SUV rental such as a Range Rover that knows very well to handle road-hug the country road. The road starts to ascend into the mountain through gorgeous deciduous forests. At the summit, you get to the beautiful mountain village of “Kosmas” where you can have a short break. Park your SUV in the square and take your pick of the cafes and tavernas. It really is a great place on a clear day where you can see right down the Aegean. Fill your water bottle at the spring behind the church and continue your self-driving trip.

The highlight of the trip, is the magnificent scenic of “Kyparissi Village” at Laconia Region.
The traditionally idyllic landscape will take your breath. This trip can be completed with an SUV rental in Greece. It is a bewildering large size vehicle that makes you feel safe to explore the hidden beaches like “Fokianos bay”, one of the most beautiful beaches of eastern side Peloponnese.
It comes out at Poulithra which is a lovely village surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. The pebbly beach and the picturesque port with views to the sea and the surrounding area is the perfect place for summer getaways and holidays. It is also recommended to visit the traditional village of Plaka which offers a variety of great fish taverns

Now if you’re feeling adventurous, the drive down to Leonidio is also very good. It’s a narrower road than the one up the mountain and needs a bit more caution but it’s nevertheless a great way to explore country roads. Renting and driving an SUV is safer than driving a sedan car. SUVs perform differently and offer great advantages than the one of a sedan. The great thing about this road is the phenomenal view all the way to Spetses and Hydra. The road is metaled but it’s steep and has loads of hairpin bends but it is absolutely fantastic.

After that follow the coast road to Nafplio in order to stay overnight.
Nafplio is one of the most historic cities of the region, full of spectacular monuments and sights with stories that span from the ancient times to medieval. Explore the ancient castles that boast riveting legends to the many museums that paint a clear picture of the architectural, historical and cultural stories that Nafplio is founded upon. You can also simply stroll through the quaint streets of the old town with many shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Rent an SUV and make an early start to give yourself the whole day.