Minivan Rental in Greece for your Holidays

We asked our customers to describe their self-drive experience with a mini van rental starting form Athens, including our travel planning itineraries in the recently added destinations of Peloponnese and Northern Greece

See below what our they have answered:

  • Custom travel package tour arrangements are perfect for all the fellow travellers.
  • You will see some attractions which you wouldn’t otherwise.
  • We have enjoyed the natural landscapes and magnificent historical scenery around Greece.
  • We got to know many things from the locals and also for the culture and their lifestyle¬†as we defined the timeline of our journey.

Our customers repeatedly mentioned that they created unforgettable memories from their self-driving tours. They had the opportunity to visit different and unique destinations which they would not be able to do otherwise.

The price is reasonable VS an all-inclusive vacation package in Greece which includes option you would not visit. You maintain your privacy during your self-drive holidays instead of taking just the ferries for the whole duration of your tour.

One of the main reasons to take a self-drive tour with a minivan rental in Greece is how convenient it is compared to travelling with other means of transportation. Our company provides brand new automatic minivans with plenty of amenities such as sliding doors and tinted windows for the most comfortable trip possible.

It is not easy for us to choose a self-drive destination and road trip itineraries that will be affordable & convenient. Our goal is that all of our customers leave Greece with a smile. We always visit these self-drive destinations before we create a self-drive itinerary. That’s why it is a pleasure of ours to give you many recommendations where to have stops, lunch, overnights, and where the best beaches are in Peloponnese for swimming and many other travel tips.