“Premium Rent a Car” offers rental vehicles equipped with advanced devices capable of receiving and responding to specific commands, including geolocation data from a global positioning system (GPS). These devices are continuously active, even when the vehicle’s other services or media are turned off.

Both “Premium Rent a Car” and its partners collect and process a range of vehicle data, covering aspects such as fuel level, odometer readings, speed, diagnostic and performance data, tire pressure, accident or damage data, as well as location and direction of travel data. It is important to note that this information is not utilized to create a profile of the renter’s driving behavior.

The gathered data plays a crucial role in delivering various services, such as addressing unlocking door requests, enabling remote start and stop functionality, facilitating unattended vehicle pick-up and return, performing software updates, assisting in accident location and response, and identifying lost, unreturned, suspected stolen, and stolen vehicles, upon the request of law enforcement agencies. Moreover, certain fees may be determined based on this data, concerning the services provided by the company.

Additionally, this data serves as valuable insights into vehicle-related behavior, encompassing traffic patterns, fuel efficiency, vehicle usage, environmental impacts, and opportunities for vehicle maintenance improvement.

To enhance their services, “Premium Rent a Car” may share vehicle data with third-party collaborators and may also work in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other entities to protect their rights and enforce the terms and conditions of their services.