In the event of an accident or other incident (fire, theft etc.), the “lessee” or the additional driver are obliged to immediately: a) acknowledge responsibility or accountability and third party claims by any means, direct or indirect.
b) take down the full names, telephones and addresses of eye witnesses, the driver’s and the vehicle’s details, with which the Vehicle may have collided with, c) notify the police in order to ascertain the liability of the third party and provide medical care to any existing injured persons, d) to park the vehicle in a safe location and immediately contact the “lessor” via telephone or any other means (fax etc.), e) collect any relevant information from any third party, f) take photos of the place where the accident took place and of the vehicles which participated in the accident if possible. He/she is also obligated within twenty-four (24) hours to complete and sign the accident/theft declaration at the closest branch of the “lessor” and to send any supporting documents or information in respect with the accident to the “lessor”. In the event of theft or loss of the vehicle he/she is obligated to report the incident in writing at the closet police authority, immediately or the latest within twenty-four hours (24).