Minivan Rental Athens, Greece for Family Holidays

Minivan Rental Athens, Greece for Family Holidays

Α minivan rental in Greece is the most suitable choice, rather than a smaller vehicle should you travel with kids and family. Minivans have plenty of cabin and luggage space, are low to the ground, so even the smallest kids can climb into them with ease, are automatic which makes the trip very smooth and offer plenty other amenities such as sliding doors and tinted windows for the most comfortable trip possible.

Our minivans are perfect for road trips in Greece, as they come with full equipment such as mini refrigerators, tinted-glass windows and automatic gear box for comfortable and relaxing driving experience. On top of that, as minivans have the largest boot space, you can take with you over-sized strollers (if you have babies, or kids) or even bicycles for adventurous holidays outside Athens. Moreover, for a more concentrated drive, side doors open with a touch of a button; a pretty convenient feature when you drive with kids and want the maximum safety on board.

You can rent a minivan of 8 or 9 seats all over Greece, as it is a great way to spend some quality time in the vehicle for your trips instead of being in a need of two or more vehicles. And since you will be spending more time together, you’ll be thanking us for the amenities and comfort that come with renting a minivan.
Do not miss the convenience and space when you come to Greece for holidays! We are here to provide you with a wide range of minivans of 7, 8, or 9 seats for rent in Athens and in many other cities in Greece. For example, you can rent a minivan in Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, Thessaloniki, as it probably the most practical choice for your family holidays.

You can rent a brand-new automatic minivan such as Mercedes Vito with 9 seats, or a luxury minivan Mercedes V-Class. If you are a bigger group, you have the choice to rent a Mercedes Sprinter 17 seats with a professional driver from our company. Last but not least, you do not have to worry about the maintenance and safety of our vehicles, as all of our fleet is maintained to the best standards. From proper and new tires to the best possible function of the air-condition, there is nothing that will ruin your trip.

As far as the delivery of your minivan, we must admit that the process has never been easier. You choose what time and which place is most convenient and we arrange the delivery to you. If you arrive at Athens airport, a representative of ours will meet & greet you at the arrival’s hall and escort you to the vehicle. If you wish to have a private transfer to your hotel and then pick up your vehicle, we can make that happen with our chauffeur services.
Guess what? If you feel lazy in your holidays, you do not have to drive at all. Our experienced drivers/ chauffeurs will be able to follow any custom itinerary you have created for your travel in Greece. As we take pride in being Greece’s finest minivan rental company, we will provide you a private chauffeur that makes you feel like VIP, sit back and enjoy your trip in Greece.

If on the other hand you wish to have only a private chauffeur driven minivan to transfer you from/to Athens airport or transfer your partners or your guests, then we will be able to arrange that fast and effortless. Sit back at the leather-covered seats, ask our private driver to set the clima at the desired temperature and roar to visit Greece. Our fully professional chauffeur minivan services in Athens combined with the latest model of minivans will transfer you from Athens airport to your preference destination as like no other will. Take advantage of our early booking discounts for the best our deals. Rent a minivan in Athens and set to explore the most magnificent places in Greece.